Ife Ajagbe

Fight 4 The Streets – Moose


Aruna MuhammadKabir Lion Jnr. (professionally M.O.O.S.E) knows what his message is and how best to deliver it. Like Pac before him, a relentless genius and civil advocate, he is more afraid of the consequences of silence than he is the consequences of addressing societal issues. That is why he deploys the language and directness of an active educator in his music, using his EbuteMetta upbringing as a microcosm of the larger society. This is true of all his released music till date, but more so in this new joint,Fight 4 The Streets. In the wake of Hush puppi’s takedown for internet fraud, in a culture that celebrates ill gotten wealth and pampers lawbreakers, Moose is starting a conversation that is better had now than later. He is doing something that few in the industry, whether starting out or established, seem to possess the vision or talent to do.

Fight 4 The Streets