KMK Abiola- Melody (Light & Salt)


Real name Oladipo Abiola and a graduate of Unilag raised by Mom and relatives, KMK began his music journey in 2008 by the leading of the Spirit of God, through evangelist Kathy Woghiren who is the director of the Loveworld Music and Arts ministry.


Celebrating 31 Years Younger today, May 27th, KMK delivers Light & Salt to commemorate his birthday and coincidentally Children’s Day,which is interestingly just days to the May 30th official listening party for his debut album self titled Light & Salt at 8Balls Lounge, Alausa Ikeja.

A Godly singer, dancer and stage performer extraordinaire, Nigeria joins in celebrating KMK Abiola as he clocks 31 years younger today May 27, Children’s Day of 2021.