Over here – @Nissination


NISSI is a singer/songwriter and a performer who feeds off the happenings in her environment and everyday life. The multi-talented artiste started singing at a tender age of 9, and came to terms with her gift and potential at the age of 13. It has been an 8-year trajectory for her to open herself up and fully explore her beautiful mind , creativity and abilities.

Growing up, NISSI was influenced by life to write songs. These songs which were written at different stages in her life showcase her experiences from love, to building self confidence, to being a young person attracted to the opposite sex while others simply address day today life issues.

NISSI has worked and made music with several producers over the years but most especially with her friend and in house producer, Joe Bagz who has patiently worked with her through learning the principles of music from jazz to exploring various other genres such as reggae, highlife, afro beat, pop, R&B, funk among others. She is working on an EP.