Ife Ajagbe

Video: Chukua – Enock Bella


Former Yamoto band member Rashidi Enock Deogratus, popularly known as Enock Bella has made a musical come back with a new hit dubbed ‘Chukua’.

‘Chukua’ is a beautiful feel good hit that clearly resonates with anyone planning to get a girl they love.

In the song, Enock Bella narrates how a certain girl is chasing after him, but he is afraid she still too young for him.

In essence, he points out that she is old enough but is yet to see what the world has to offer.

“Kidawa kaja kwetu nimpe jogoo,Namwone huruma bado dogo, Hana uzito wakubeba gogo, Analeta ubishi yani Zogo, Anawatibua walio lala (lala),Haka katoto kana masihara (hara), Jogoo anakiu week hajala (hajala),Anatania wanyoa viparaa…,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

Enock Bella has been working really hard to try level up in the music scene since the fall out of Yamoto Band.

 ‘Chukua’ is a song shot under Enock’s latest label Debaase music made known to fans two months ago.

The visuals to the song were done at different scenes with breathtaking ambiance.

The song was done by director Eddie from Tanzania. ‘Chukua’ is slowly gaining traction on YouTube and is expected to help Bella gain the mileage he needs in musical stardom.